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People's Hall

Jim Andrews for the creation of the poetic play experience Arteroids (review)

Roz Trieber
for her lectures and presentations on humor and healing (review)

for its pioneer service to independent game companies and independent-thinking game players. (review)

Stevanne Auerbach
(Dr. Toy) for her lifelong commitment to quality toys and parenting. (review)

The Varieties of the Balloon Hat Experience
A world tour of balloon millinery - beautiful photos of deep silliness (silly, as in "blessed") (review)

 Rafael Lozano-Hemmer for his "Relational Architecture" projects (review)

Streetplay is a faith-restoring site - restoring our faith both in our memories of childhood, and in childhood itself. (review) Of all the endearingly silly ways to watch yourself waste time, Daniel Craig Giffen's Human Clock is by far the most of both - endearing and silly. (review)
Ze Frank is perhaps one of the most prolifically playful interactive artists currently online. (review)

The world of compter games, and, consequently, of computer game players, can get very harsh. ... there are far too few respites. Ferry Halim is one of the few. A true respite. (review)

 I am apparently about to grant the coveted, and also first Major FUN Award for Advergame Design to a company called "Pop." (review) Combine games research with the development of innovative digital games and people games, and you get gameLab. (review)
This is a picture of Bruce Williamson's Inner Child, on his way to becoming author of The Certificate of the Right to Play. (more)  Matt Weinstein, "Emperor of Playfair" has been advocating fun to colleges and business around the world. He and I started Playfair together at the Games Preserve, and he has taken it beyond our wildest hopes, and most ambitious dreams.

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